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Graphics samples of watercolor, digital, flash, and interactive maps used on web sites and printed in commercial process four color printing; digitally drawn and printed assembly instructions also converted to flash animation on a web site; oil paintings of pet Schnauzer and German Shepherd, acrylic and acrylic sepia glaze wall murals; commission oil painting of collage of Argentina farm; children’s room painting of dolphins; watercolor illustration of gnomes used as web buttons. Tell us all the ways you want to use your art so may cross-platform! (We are a in northwest Florida!)


flash animation example
Overview map of Destin and Sandestin Florida

(sample of overview map above)

An opening flash presentation that went to the Realtor’s web site also included a color coded map of his territory. When each color section was clicked, individualized maps would appear that had blue ball buttons which would highlight each neighborhood showing his listings of condos and homes.

map sample of section of Destin, Florida

(sample of above of map section with blue buttons that lead to listings in each neighborhood.)

site plan of Grand Boulevard pre-development

Used as part of a high quality, low quantity presentation we printed several times each year, this site plan was changed many times to accommodate the prospective clientele that would eventually have their stores, restaurants and hotels there. We received the basic drawing via email from the architect and redrew it as a vector drawing and then converted it to a bitmap to stylize.


Watercolor map of Okaloosa, Walton and partial Bay County Florida

At the end of the digitally printed presentation, we painted this watercolor overview of the area and then digitally placed the nomenclature over the scanned painting. It left the viewer with a nice feeling for the overall beauty that surrounds the Lifestyle Retail Shopping Center.


    Our client mailed and emailed us photos of the buildings and copy for the ads for each business on this map. We digitally drew each building, created the ad and printed the map using our process four color printer. We believe these maps are indispensable for shopping centers and strip malls and make great advertising pieces for hand-outs and mailers.

Samples of digital Tourist Map buildings

(Two close up samples of building detail)

Hand and digitally drawn tourist map we had process color printed

Digitally drawn and printed assembly instructions

We received samples of his product (sample to the left) which we hand drew and then converted into computer vector drawings for his assembly instructions (we printed them too). We took the computer drawings and turned them into an animation for his web site (example below)

Flash animation of assembly instructions

We admit it! We love pets! Especially your pet!
When you send us those photos, our hearts just melt.
Let us know the size. We like to work in oils, or draw them in colored pencil or pen and ink.

They make great gifts, so drop us a line and we’ll send you a price.


One of our friends, Schaef Designs, creates wonderful jewelry but
one of our favorites is her PET JEWELRY!

Click the here to visit Schaef Designs:

oil painting of pet schnauzer
We received an inquiry from our calligraphy section for a pet painting of their deceased pet schnauzer to be used as a gift . They sent us their favorite photos and from a composite, we were able to paint this 9x12 inch oil painting. We framed it as well. (This is not a photo using digital effects.)
Fun cat illustration: pen and ink, colored pencil and water color
An 11x14 stylized cat in pen and ink, colored pencil and water color. The client framed it for her wall. She showed us a photo of her cat and a style she loved. We think it could have made great stationery too! Please ask us about that in the beginning.
oil painting of german shepherd
Our client’s German Shepherd had passed away and her husband dreamed of it one night and she thought it would make a great gift for him. The final piece was framed in Cherry Wood and looked beautiful.

We were asked about wall murals and we liked doing these. We took photos and measured the rooms and gave our clients ideas via email. They enjoyed seeing what it would look like before it was done and appreciated the chance to make last minute changes before the actual painting began. Wouldn’t you agree our clients have fabulous imaginations. We can’t wait to see what your ideas are.


kitchen wall mural 3 by 4 feet acrylicsHand-painted wall mural, acrylic, approximately 4x6 feet, recessed alcove above kitchen sink.
     Our client lived on the 12th floor of a condo that had a view of the Gulf of Mexico: all blue. She really wanted to see a garden from her sink as she worked in the kitchen.
     She had specific ideas how the garden should be: flowers, patio, picket fence, fields in the distance and so we created this whimsical scene. There’s even a swing bench in the garden (on the right about in the middle).

bathroom wall mural 4 by 7 feet acrylicsHand-painted wall mural, acrylic, approximately 4x8 feet, recessed alcove above kitchen sink.
     We were happy to do two wall murals for the same client. This one was in the bathroom above the bathtub and was created from a postcard she had saved from her many travels, but as the painting developed, we added a whole lot more flowers!

wall mural over bay window 3 by 20 feet acrylic sepia glazeHand-painted wall mural, acrylic, above a huge bay window overlooking the bay. Our client wanted something very mellow that would not take from spectacular view outside.  We took photos and measured the area and emailed her proofs of several designs. We used acrylic sepia color thinned with a glaze to paint a shell motif intertwined with ivy leaves.

wall mural over bay window 3 by 20 feet acrylic sepia glaze
High up in a waterfront condo, snuggled in a back bedroom is this tiny bathroom our client wanted as a jungle scene to contrast with the beautiful blue skies and exquisite emerald green waters that flooded their sun-filled condo. It had a calming contrast to the brightness, and became a nice place to retreat to. We loved the challenge! Our client let us go wild and btw she is changing out the towel rack on the by and by!
oil painting of Argentina collage landscape
9x12 oil painting made from composite of five photos commissioned for a private residence. Photos were emailed and concept discussed. They loved the final result.
painting for child's room of dolphins
Mom and daughter requested a painting of their favorite dolphin picture to be combined with their favorite sunset. The 3x4 foot oil painting compliments the dolphin theme of her room and also hid the electric fuse box!
hand painted water color letter for wedding invitation label
Hand painted water color label used on the back of wedding invitations that matched the color of the invitation. Hand cut using a rag edge scissors.
Watercolor illustration of gnomes for web buttons
Web site buttons for a writer, speaker, gardener, photographer. We hand painted the characters from her verbal and email descriptions so they could be used on her web site.

flash navigation for illustration, calligraphy, graphics, web, contact navigation

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